Loads of Fun and Adventure that needs to Safely Handled!


Canyoning UK means pure fun and adventure if it is done under the guidance of an expert who will update you with tips for your complete safety and enjoyment. As a sport, canyoning improves your fitness, self-confidence and skills. This adventurous sport will open you up to a different level of ability. People with various choices ranging from a gentle adventure to those looking for a great racing challenge, all have a lot to gain from canyoning.

As of now, the sport is increasing its popularity amongst the corporates looking forward to team building activities and recreation. It is the new way to celebrate your hen or stag parties for those oriented on getting a taste of adventure and fun trips. But, to make the best out of this dangerous sports activity, an expert guide with a complete knowledge of the local landscape and variety of outdoor skills is necessary. The outdoor skills that are required to enjoy this sport include rock climbing, orienteering and abseiling. Your guide should also have knowledge of first aid and also be fully aware of the hazards of canyoning.

Some tips for a Safe Canyoning UK Trip

If this is your first time, you should be honest about the same with your canyoning company. In such a case, you should prefer to choose the gentler adventures so that you get an initial gist of the sport. For first timers, a complete debriefing of the sport is essential from your guide. Each canyon poses its own unique dangers.

Rope tying: Experienced canyoners who have been learning outdoor skills like abseiling know that rope tying is one of the aspects of paramount importance. The different types of knots useful in canyon include the hitches, stopper knots, loops, and bends.

Photography: Whenever you a set on a canyoning trip, it is usually to a natural place with a unique and beautiful landscape that ought to b capture. Maybe it’s is once in a lifetime experience or visit to the place. However, your main focus should always be on navigating the canyon safely and also being mindful of other peoples’ safety in the process. Some of the canyon photography tips are, however, to set the ISO to 400. You can a get a clearer picture in a dark background. If it is feasible to get a tripod, take it along. You can know more about canyoning UK from The Canyoning Company.


Top 5 Best Canyon Trips in Scotland

Scotland is full of adventures. There are innumerable adventure activities in Scotland offering extreme fun and mind-boggling experiences. Going for an adventure camp is the best thing you can do to relax your mind and body. These adventurous activities fill your life with excitement and fun. Scotland offers a wide variety of stress-relieving adventure activities. Make sure to try these adventure activities to make your life more exciting. Canyon adventure activities are one of the best of its kind. It is a water activity which is all about huge jumps, water slides and cliff climbing.

In the below guide, we will discuss some of the best canyon trips in Scotland:

1. Acharn Canyon
Acharn Canyon, Scotland is for those who have already tried canyoning, and are looking for more thrilling experience. The Falls of Acharn is a hidden gem and features slides and huge jumps.

2. Dollar Canyon
This is an amazing deep canyon offering water slides and jumps.Professional training guides are there to provide proper safety.

3. Dundonnel Canyon
This full day adventure is a breathtaking experience, making it perfect for military groups. Jumps, slides and cliff climbing are the main parts of this experience.

4. Laggan Canyon
Laggan Canyon is one of the easiest canyons. Laggan consists of jumps and water slides, making it best suited for stag groups, families and youth groups.

5. Nathrach Canyon
It is known as the next level Canyoning for people who have already tried Canyoning and are aware of the tricks and techniques for the activity.

True adventure lovers look for the opportunities to challenge themselves and learn from their experiences. Such adventure activities make us optimist towards our life.

If you are looking for the best adventure activities in Scotland, then The Canyoning Company can prove out to be the best service provider for you.


Tips for Safe and Satisfactory Canyoning Adventure in the UK

Extreme sports like canyoning are attracting more and more adventure enthusiasts every day. People from all over the world are getting involved in adventure activities including climbing, jumping, swimming, walking, scrambling, and more. If you are one of those people who fancy the idea of adventure sports, then adventures like canyoning in the UK are literally created for you. With the help of canyoning, people gain confidence, achieve physical fitness and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Although activities like canyoning are risky but in the presence of an experienced guide, things become quite interesting. There are well-qualified canyoning guides who can help you learn some excellent skills that are needed in climbing, abseiling, and orienteering. For many people, the prime purpose of volunteering for canyoning in the UK is to escape their daily hectic lifestyle. And because we know how badly you are wishing for a fun break. Here are a few tips that will help you have maximum fun and a majestic canyoning experience in the UK.

Canyoning Scotland

1.Have all the gears in your possession before leaving for your canyoning adventure in the UK.

2.Grab all the information you can get about the different activities involved in the extreme sport of canyoning.

3.Don’t forget to get a headlamp as you will be going inside dark places with no visibility.

4.Avoid dehydration and pack all light diet essentials as guided by your canyoning expert.

5.Be attentive when your guide is explaining important things and have a lot of fun

Now when you are going for canyoning in the UK, take a look back and make sure that you consider all the above tips for safe and satisfactory adventure. Take a mental picture of all the above-mentioned tips so that you don’t skip anything.

If you have any questions regarding canyoning in the UK or looking for someone who can help you plan a perfect adventure, contact firms like The Canyoning Company. Visit their website at for the most authentic, memorable and unique canyoning adventure in the UK.
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Adventure Activities in Scotland: Top 5 Tips for Canyoning

Canyoning is an extreme and adventurous sport, which attracts more and more people from all over the world and involves a lot of activities like jumping, climbing, walking, scrambling, abseiling and even swimming. Canyoning brings a lot of fun and adventure in an individual’s life; it also improves physical state and fitness. There are many adventure activities in Scotland, but the most interesting among them is Canyoning.


In this guide we will discuss some general tips for Canyoning:

1. Get a Guide

Make sure to get a guide before trying out Canyoning as he will guide you with all the things about Canyoning. Of Course, the safety measures to be taken and how to deal with tough situations during Canoying is also explained by the guide. You definitely need a guide for your Canyoning trip, but do a little research before hiring a canyoning company.

2. Basic Skills

You need to be in good health and physical shape for performing these Canyoning activities. It involves rock climbing, hiking and swimming, so you need to be fit enough to perform all these activities.

3. Rope Tying

For safety measures, you need to have detailed information about how to tie a rope and how to balance yourself using that rope. The rope has an important role in making your Canyoning experience safer.

4. Know how to rescue yourself and others

Being on a safer side, you should know how to rescue yourself and others during such water sports if any mishap happens. All safety measures will be provided to you, but you should know how to use them for your safety.

5. Canyoning photography

Your canyoning trip might be once in a lifetime experience, so you’d definitely want to capture your beautiful moments forever. But make sure to carry a camera that is highly water resistant. Don’t use the flash, as it will only light up a limited area around you.

Canyoning is not a dangerous sport if you take all the safety precautions. It is one of the most interesting and adventurous sports. Adventure activities in Scotland are highly in demand for a perfect trip. If you are looking forward to planning a Canyoning trip, then The Canyoning Company can prove out to be the best option for you.


Top Three Stag Do Ideas in Scotland

P6182026-copyA stag party is also called as a bachelor party, stag night, stag do, stag weekend and is held for a man shortly before he enters marriage, to celebrate his last night of freedom. Many people plan for it in another country for better ideas.

Some popular destinations for stag party are Central Europe, Scotland, Amsterdam, US, UK, Spain, Germany, France, and Ireland. Planning stag do in Scotland is a sure way to have fun. Scotland is a diverse and beautiful country with rolling hills and dales, having some of the nicest landscapes.
In this guide, we’ll discuss few ideas for a fun and joyful stag party. Read on.

1. White River Rafting  
River rafting is one of the most thrilling and popular sports available. It’s highly adventurous to raft rapidly with the high tides. This rafting system runs up to 5 grades from 1 being the gentlest and 5 being absolute madness. All the safety measures are considered.

2. High Ropes      
Get high in the forest with a thrilling high rope session. Set deep in the forests, this is a brilliant setting for you to face your fears and swing through trees like Tarzan. With all the safety measures, this high rope session is designed for over 30 hanging rope bridges, scramble nets and zip slides which are up to 30ft off the forest floor. This can be a great experience.

3. Entry to Revolution Bar       
This party bar in Edinburgh’s city center is a place to be on weekends. Grab your gang and head down to this sizzling venue for a huge range of premium spirits, handcrafted cocktails and much more. This venue is set over two floors and has three stylish bars and seating areas for enjoying few drinks with your friends.

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How to Be Safe During Canyoning

Canyoning in Scotland is a highly adventurous sport that attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Although there are many sports activities but Canyoning is very famous among the majority of people. But the question arises why people like Canyoning? This is because it is simple and brings lots of fun by enhancing your self-confidence and also improves your physical state. Canyoning can be risky in some situations. Therefore, it is always advised to take the help of a guide who has excellent skills and a lot of experience in all these activities.

Apart from a guide, there are some safety tips that you need to consider during any Canyoning activity. So, let’s have a look on some of them:-

First of all, you should always wear the correct footwear. All the sports activities require you to wear comfortable and proper footwear but to stay safe when you are out for Canyoning, one of the main consideration is to wear the perfect footwear. This is because whenever you do any water sport, it is likely that your footwear gets wet and slippery leading to some major accidents. Also, rocks can be covered with mud, algae and wearing heavy shoes on these types of surface is not suitable. So, buy a pair of Canyoning shoes as these will help you to maintain the proper balance thus, increasing your safety.

Additionally, you should wear a wetsuit for obvious reasons and also a helmet. The former will not only protect you from the cold water but also from the sharp rocks. It is also a wise decision to take a long rope with you whenever you go for Canyoning.

Canyoning at some canyons requires you to have headlamps with you. This is because some canyons are quite tight and dark and it requires you to have some light there. Also, jumping into a pool by yourself can be dangerous sometimes. Therefore, you always need a specialist with you who can guide you at every step. Also, make sure that you never jump into a pool unless you have done a complete scan of the area.

So, these are some safety tips, if followed properly, can make your trip more interesting and memorable. The Canyoning Company Ltd is an adventure company that provides best Canyoning trips to all of its customers. We will teach you how to move safely in the different canyon environment and offer you the best Canyoning in Scotland.


This is the Best way to Spend Your Stag Do

Stag Parties are one of the memorable experiences that you make in your lifetime. You spend a great time with your dear ones reliving the old days and in welcoming a new start. It all starts with the planning phase. What to do? Where to go? The accommodations, food, drinks etc.

There are many stag do activities to choose from. However, if you and your group are an adventure lover then Canyoning is surely the best option for you. It is truly a special and exciting experience. It is not only about adventure but you can enjoy everything else as well. How? Continue reading to find out.

gorge-walkingIt offers a unique experience

Canyoning is termed as a sport in which you jump into streams flowing with speed. You jump and let yourself be carried away with the stream. It is like a rejuvenating experience for the adrenaline rush in you.  You find these streams in the mountain regions and the best part is there are many in the Scotland. Some of them are Acharn, Alva, Ben Nevis, Bruar, Dollar, Dundonnel, Inchree, Laggan etc.  You can, however, book international tours as well.

It offers a great escapestag-party

You can choose to stay in the city for your bachelor party and go for an activity like bar hopping. On the other hand, you can have an escape from your city life and go for Canyoning. In this way, you get to spend some time with Mother Nature. It is both fun and relaxing at the same time.


There is more to it

Obviously, you cannot spend your whole day doing Canyoning. There are many other activities that you can indulge yourself into during the rest of the day. You can always go for picnic and BBQ in the location you have chosen. You can do entertainment activities in the accommodation that you are staying in. And you can also go to pubs near you.

Therefore, opting for Canyoning will provide you with a complete value of your time and money. It is affordable and you can guarantee yourself an amazing time. It will be the best way to bid adieu to your bachelor’s life.

There are many companies, which offer Canyoning sports. They provide you with experts and the required equipment. There are also some classes before to help you understand this sport and the dos and don’ts of it. The experts will assist you at the canyon. It is a completely safe activity. You perform it under the supervision and with the protective gear.

Visit The Canyoning Company to not only book your Canyoning adventure but your stag party as well. Yes, you heard it right. The Canyoning Company in the UK offers many unique stag and hen party packages that will fit right into your budget. They have in store many stages do activities during the length of your trip. They can find the best accommodation and food in your preferred location and can arrange transport to nearby pubs.