Adventure Activities in Scotland: Top 5 Tips for Canyoning

Canyoning is an extreme and adventurous sport, which attracts more and more people from all over the world and involves a lot of activities like jumping, climbing, walking, scrambling, abseiling and even swimming. Canyoning brings a lot of fun and adventure in an individual’s life; it also improves physical state and fitness. There are many adventure activities in Scotland, but the most interesting among them is Canyoning.


In this guide we will discuss some general tips for Canyoning:

1. Get a Guide

Make sure to get a guide before trying out Canyoning as he will guide you with all the things about Canyoning. Of Course, the safety measures to be taken and how to deal with tough situations during Canoying is also explained by the guide. You definitely need a guide for your Canyoning trip, but do a little research before hiring a canyoning company.

2. Basic Skills

You need to be in good health and physical shape for performing these Canyoning activities. It involves rock climbing, hiking and swimming, so you need to be fit enough to perform all these activities.

3. Rope Tying

For safety measures, you need to have detailed information about how to tie a rope and how to balance yourself using that rope. The rope has an important role in making your Canyoning experience safer.

4. Know how to rescue yourself and others

Being on a safer side, you should know how to rescue yourself and others during such water sports if any mishap happens. All safety measures will be provided to you, but you should know how to use them for your safety.

5. Canyoning photography

Your canyoning trip might be once in a lifetime experience, so you’d definitely want to capture your beautiful moments forever. But make sure to carry a camera that is highly water resistant. Don’t use the flash, as it will only light up a limited area around you.

Canyoning is not a dangerous sport if you take all the safety precautions. It is one of the most interesting and adventurous sports. Adventure activities in Scotland are highly in demand for a perfect trip. If you are looking forward to planning a Canyoning trip, then The Canyoning Company can prove out to be the best option for you.