Loads of Fun and Adventure that needs to Safely Handled!


Canyoning UK means pure fun and adventure if it is done under the guidance of an expert who will update you with tips for your complete safety and enjoyment. As a sport, canyoning improves your fitness, self-confidence and skills. This adventurous sport will open you up to a different level of ability. People with various choices ranging from a gentle adventure to those looking for a great racing challenge, all have a lot to gain from canyoning.

As of now, the sport is increasing its popularity amongst the corporates looking forward to team building activities and recreation. It is the new way to celebrate your hen or stag parties for those oriented on getting a taste of adventure and fun trips. But, to make the best out of this dangerous sports activity, an expert guide with a complete knowledge of the local landscape and variety of outdoor skills is necessary. The outdoor skills that are required to enjoy this sport include rock climbing, orienteering and abseiling. Your guide should also have knowledge of first aid and also be fully aware of the hazards of canyoning.

Some tips for a Safe Canyoning UK Trip

If this is your first time, you should be honest about the same with your canyoning company. In such a case, you should prefer to choose the gentler adventures so that you get an initial gist of the sport. For first timers, a complete debriefing of the sport is essential from your guide. Each canyon poses its own unique dangers.

Rope tying: Experienced canyoners who have been learning outdoor skills like abseiling know that rope tying is one of the aspects of paramount importance. The different types of knots useful in canyon include the hitches, stopper knots, loops, and bends.

Photography: Whenever you a set on a canyoning trip, it is usually to a natural place with a unique and beautiful landscape that ought to b capture. Maybe it’s is once in a lifetime experience or visit to the place. However, your main focus should always be on navigating the canyon safely and also being mindful of other peoples’ safety in the process. Some of the canyon photography tips are, however, to set the ISO to 400. You can a get a clearer picture in a dark background. If it is feasible to get a tripod, take it along. You can know more about canyoning UK from The Canyoning Company.


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