Top 12 Essentials To Carry In A Gorge Walking Kit

Gorge walking has become one of the most popular adventure activities. It involves moving past gorges by walking, climbing, jumping, scrambling, swimming, and abseiling. This activity has become a part of various corporate team building activities and leadership courses. It is done in remote locations where you find drop and jump sites, sculpted walls, riverbeds, and waterfalls. One requires an instructor and special equipment to complete the gorge walk successfully.


Here is an essential kit list that will help you during your gorge-walking trip.

A suitable helmet: Every adventure sport requires a good protective lid. You will be going through slippery rocks and drop sites. Therefore, you will need something to protect your head. The helmet should be such that you can easily move through narrow spaces.

Clothing: Temperature can fluctuate in a matter of minutes in some regions, some canyons you will find cool and some extremely hot. Therefore, carry extra clothing with yourself that you don’t mind getting spoiled. You can carry a light insulating jacket, old pair of shorts and pants, and knee pads.

Swimsuit: You are bound to get really wet with this adventure sport. With this in mind, you will need to carry a swimsuit that will keep you warm and dry and prevent the onset of hypothermia.The suit should be flexible so that you can easily move and should also be 4/3 mm thick to keep you warm. It is also recommended to add a pair of nylon shorts over the wetsuit to protect it because you will be moving through sharp corners so the wetsuit can be torn.

Buoyancy Aid: Many gorge walkers shy away from wearing this. If you are a newbie then wearing a buoyancy aid is a must. These will keep you afloat and will help you swim and keep yourself above water. You will also get extra protection while sliding down rocks that will protect your body as well as the swimsuit.

Rope: The entire exciting gorge walking routes will require atleast two strong ropes. The ropes should be made up of polyester and should not be stretchy. The polyester coating will prevent the rope from absorbing water and hence, becoming slippery. Also, go for short length ropes, as they are easy to manage because of its lightweight.

Rope Bag: The best way to transport a rope is by using a rope bag. You cannot coil up the rope every time you are not using it. Just simply flake the rope into the bag and continue with the journey. This will also prevent tangling and increase its life.

Dry Bag: Get a waterproof dry bag to keep electronic items like phones and cameras. The bag should be such that all the air can be pushed out and ample of space can be created for storage.

Descenders: You will find various descenders that are specifically made for George walking and canyoning. It will help keep the rope at a lower angle and will also offer friction.

Headlamp: The bottom of the canyon will be darker than the rim. You should always carry a torch or a headlamp even if it is a half-day trip.

Shoes: Wear a comfortable pair of kicks to keep your feet dry in the extreme environment. The shoes should come with a strong grip so that you do not slip away and injure yourself. The shoe should also not come with a waterproof membrane, as it will keep the water locked and not let it dry.

Socks: Go for thin merino wool socks, as they are comfortable and will keep the feet cool. It will also be easy for you to remove sand from these socks as compared to thick and heavy socks.

Other Necessary Gear: In order to complete the trip successfully, you will need to keep yourself hydrated so carry enough water. Try to carry water in recyclable bottles. Also, carry a sunscreen, as the sun can be intense during the day. Carry a first aid kit for emergencies. A GPS unit can help you in reaching your destination easily.

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