Top 12 Essentials To Carry In A Gorge Walking Kit

Gorge walking has become one of the most popular adventure activities. It involves moving past gorges by walking, climbing, jumping, scrambling, swimming, and abseiling. This activity has become a part of various corporate team building activities and leadership courses. It is done in remote locations where you find drop and jump sites, sculpted walls, riverbeds, and waterfalls. One requires an instructor and special equipment to complete the gorge walk successfully.


Here is an essential kit list that will help you during your gorge-walking trip.

A suitable helmet: Every adventure sport requires a good protective lid. You will be going through slippery rocks and drop sites. Therefore, you will need something to protect your head. The helmet should be such that you can easily move through narrow spaces.

Clothing: Temperature can fluctuate in a matter of minutes in some regions, some canyons you will find cool and some extremely hot. Therefore, carry extra clothing with yourself that you don’t mind getting spoiled. You can carry a light insulating jacket, old pair of shorts and pants, and knee pads.

Swimsuit: You are bound to get really wet with this adventure sport. With this in mind, you will need to carry a swimsuit that will keep you warm and dry and prevent the onset of hypothermia.The suit should be flexible so that you can easily move and should also be 4/3 mm thick to keep you warm. It is also recommended to add a pair of nylon shorts over the wetsuit to protect it because you will be moving through sharp corners so the wetsuit can be torn.

Buoyancy Aid: Many gorge walkers shy away from wearing this. If you are a newbie then wearing a buoyancy aid is a must. These will keep you afloat and will help you swim and keep yourself above water. You will also get extra protection while sliding down rocks that will protect your body as well as the swimsuit.

Rope: The entire exciting gorge walking routes will require atleast two strong ropes. The ropes should be made up of polyester and should not be stretchy. The polyester coating will prevent the rope from absorbing water and hence, becoming slippery. Also, go for short length ropes, as they are easy to manage because of its lightweight.

Rope Bag: The best way to transport a rope is by using a rope bag. You cannot coil up the rope every time you are not using it. Just simply flake the rope into the bag and continue with the journey. This will also prevent tangling and increase its life.

Dry Bag: Get a waterproof dry bag to keep electronic items like phones and cameras. The bag should be such that all the air can be pushed out and ample of space can be created for storage.

Descenders: You will find various descenders that are specifically made for George walking and canyoning. It will help keep the rope at a lower angle and will also offer friction.

Headlamp: The bottom of the canyon will be darker than the rim. You should always carry a torch or a headlamp even if it is a half-day trip.

Shoes: Wear a comfortable pair of kicks to keep your feet dry in the extreme environment. The shoes should come with a strong grip so that you do not slip away and injure yourself. The shoe should also not come with a waterproof membrane, as it will keep the water locked and not let it dry.

Socks: Go for thin merino wool socks, as they are comfortable and will keep the feet cool. It will also be easy for you to remove sand from these socks as compared to thick and heavy socks.

Other Necessary Gear: In order to complete the trip successfully, you will need to keep yourself hydrated so carry enough water. Try to carry water in recyclable bottles. Also, carry a sunscreen, as the sun can be intense during the day. Carry a first aid kit for emergencies. A GPS unit can help you in reaching your destination easily.

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Top 5 Adventurous Activities To Fulfil Your Adrenaline Rush

Being the second most populous city in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh can be fairly considered for its adventure activities. Therefore, the venturesome fellows can gather great options to fulfil their ardent desires. If you have a reason to celebrate or time to spare, Edinburgh has in store for you many adventurous activities.

Canyoning has always been among the top adventure activities in Edinburgh that gives you an unparalleled rush. For an equally unparalleled guide to Canyoning, get in touch with The Canyoning Company for the best canyoning trips.


Here is the list of top 5 adventure activities in Edinburgh:

SCOTIA FISHING- This is very different experience altogether and gives justice to the passion of all the fishing lovers out there. This activity is carried out under the instructions of the experts with all possible safety standards.

EDINBURGH BIKE TOURS- These bike tours can be characterised as one of the best ways to explore the city. Be it beside the beach or on mountains but it does its best to provide a good happening workout for people.

CANYONING- Being a high-speed water sport provides those daredevils to witness a different thrilling experience and involves a considerable amount of training under experts. THE CANYONING COMPANY is one of the best providers of such a highly professional adventure activity.

EDINBURGH RUN TOURS- These running tours can be a secondary way for sightseeing. These tours are in groups and lead to sharing of ideas regarding interesting aspects of the city.

MAD MAX ADVENTURES- It can prove to be one of the most interesting off-road experience including quad bikes and 4×4 off-road cars.

All the above activities can conclude one’s trip as a memorable one and companies like THE CANYONING COMPANY have a professional grip over the adventurous activity of canyoning and excels in providing the best possible training to all the venturesome. This company also provides packages for corporate sectors, families and other group of individuals.

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How to get the most out of your employees

IMG_6467-1030x687We all want our businesses to succeed. And it is the same for any company. We all want our teams to perform excellently and effortlessly channel all the expertise to achieve a common goal. But how do we make that happen? Trying to get varied minds to think alike or to at least be on the same page could be quite a task. This is where we step in with our Corporate Team Building at the Canyoning Company.

Often times offices lose out on a lot of revenue just because their employees are unable to work in teams. Nobody likes depending on another person to get their work done. We all would love to be our own boss and only be accountable to ourselves. This makes a deadly mindset creep in. A mindset that could drag a company down and no sooner start draining the company of its human resources. Corporate Team Building is truly the need of the hour for companies to flourish at their true potential.

Here are three reasons why corporate team building makes you get the most out of your employees.

Two is truly better than one

While too many cooks do spoil the broth, too many bright minds could never spoil an idea. They will only enhance it further. Getting people who are passionate about a project to work on a team will help reason out better alternatives leading to the best version of the originally proposed idea. This helps rule out any downsides of the proposed idea as everyone on the team is working towards the same goal and shares great passion towards making it work. Here is why you need your employees to be able to work in a team and our best outdoor activities really help employees work things out with their coworkers.

Better learning

When work is divided into teams, the learning is likely to be more. This happens because each one is trying out different ways of getting a single task done. Since different people have different perspectives, it becomes an opportunity for great learning for each member of the team. But if one works individually, he is more likely to get stuck and even more likely to either lose interest or feel de-motivated to pursue the task till the very end.

Failure and success at its best

When it comes to work, success is great but it is also important to take failures in their stride. Working in a team would mean that the team will take up equal responsibility for the wrong and the attitude of shifting the blame is less likely. Team building helps employees to learn from their mistakes rather than putting someone else down because now you associate yourself as a part of the team, not an individual employee. This change in dynamics takes companies to newer heights. The employees become more reliable and also become more responsible.

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Top 4 Tips For Safe Canyoning


Over the years, canyoning has become immensely popular and offers travellers and adventure enthusiasts a thrilling and unique experience. The adventure sport blends numerous high-octane outdoor activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, hiking and whitewater rafting. Furthermore, canyoning is an action-packed activity that includes floating down water flumes, wading through rock pools among others. However, while you can find a plethora of companies offering canyoning trips, going on canyoning is not easy as it sounds, considering the fact that you have to take into account a number of factors during the trip.

Besides, a certain degree of caution and care has to be exercised to make sure you are able to enjoy the exhilarating experience in its fullest capacity. Read on to find out four tips for safe canyoning.

One of the major factors that you need to take into account when going canyoning is wearing quick drying clothes and water shoes. In addition, those who want to bring a camera with them into the canyon should make sure they have a fully waterproof bag.

2.Information about the canyon-
When it comes to going for canyoning, make sure you get to know the information about the canyon. Furthermore, make sure you get to know the longest drop there and bring the rope that is twice as long.

Without a doubt, a crucial factor that you need to consider when going for a canyoning trip is wearing a helmet. Since you are going to experience many rapid descents, you will need to wear a helmet that will protect your head from falling debris and lousy bumps.

4.Qualified guide-
Another major factor that you need to take into account for safe canyoning is going with an appropriately qualified guide who you can trust.

While these were some of the tips and tricks for safe canyoning, there are many others, such as bring a spare pair of shoes, fingerless gloves can make you more comfortable among others. Considering the fact that canyoning is an action-packed activity and can be pretty risky make sure you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and tricks to ensure that your canyoning experience is a good one that you will look back on your experience in a positive way for years to come. Are you looking to go canyoning? Well, then make sure you visit The Canyoning Company. They offer a broad range of canyoning trips in Scotland, the UK among many others at affordable rates.


Loads of Fun and Adventure that needs to Safely Handled!


Canyoning UK means pure fun and adventure if it is done under the guidance of an expert who will update you with tips for your complete safety and enjoyment. As a sport, canyoning improves your fitness, self-confidence and skills. This adventurous sport will open you up to a different level of ability. People with various choices ranging from a gentle adventure to those looking for a great racing challenge, all have a lot to gain from canyoning.

As of now, the sport is increasing its popularity amongst the corporates looking forward to team building activities and recreation. It is the new way to celebrate your hen or stag parties for those oriented on getting a taste of adventure and fun trips. But, to make the best out of this dangerous sports activity, an expert guide with a complete knowledge of the local landscape and variety of outdoor skills is necessary. The outdoor skills that are required to enjoy this sport include rock climbing, orienteering and abseiling. Your guide should also have knowledge of first aid and also be fully aware of the hazards of canyoning.

Some tips for a Safe Canyoning UK Trip

If this is your first time, you should be honest about the same with your canyoning company. In such a case, you should prefer to choose the gentler adventures so that you get an initial gist of the sport. For first timers, a complete debriefing of the sport is essential from your guide. Each canyon poses its own unique dangers.

Rope tying: Experienced canyoners who have been learning outdoor skills like abseiling know that rope tying is one of the aspects of paramount importance. The different types of knots useful in canyon include the hitches, stopper knots, loops, and bends.

Photography: Whenever you a set on a canyoning trip, it is usually to a natural place with a unique and beautiful landscape that ought to b capture. Maybe it’s is once in a lifetime experience or visit to the place. However, your main focus should always be on navigating the canyon safely and also being mindful of other peoples’ safety in the process. Some of the canyon photography tips are, however, to set the ISO to 400. You can a get a clearer picture in a dark background. If it is feasible to get a tripod, take it along. You can know more about canyoning UK from The Canyoning Company.


Top 5 Best Canyon Trips in Scotland

Scotland is full of adventures. There are innumerable adventure activities in Scotland offering extreme fun and mind-boggling experiences. Going for an adventure camp is the best thing you can do to relax your mind and body. These adventurous activities fill your life with excitement and fun. Scotland offers a wide variety of stress-relieving adventure activities. Make sure to try these adventure activities to make your life more exciting. Canyon adventure activities are one of the best of its kind. It is a water activity which is all about huge jumps, water slides and cliff climbing.

In the below guide, we will discuss some of the best canyon trips in Scotland:

1. Acharn Canyon
Acharn Canyon, Scotland is for those who have already tried canyoning, and are looking for more thrilling experience. The Falls of Acharn is a hidden gem and features slides and huge jumps.

2. Dollar Canyon
This is an amazing deep canyon offering water slides and jumps.Professional training guides are there to provide proper safety.

3. Dundonnel Canyon
This full day adventure is a breathtaking experience, making it perfect for military groups. Jumps, slides and cliff climbing are the main parts of this experience.

4. Laggan Canyon
Laggan Canyon is one of the easiest canyons. Laggan consists of jumps and water slides, making it best suited for stag groups, families and youth groups.

5. Nathrach Canyon
It is known as the next level Canyoning for people who have already tried Canyoning and are aware of the tricks and techniques for the activity.

True adventure lovers look for the opportunities to challenge themselves and learn from their experiences. Such adventure activities make us optimist towards our life.

If you are looking for the best adventure activities in Scotland, then The Canyoning Company can prove out to be the best service provider for you.


Tips for Safe and Satisfactory Canyoning Adventure in the UK

Extreme sports like canyoning are attracting more and more adventure enthusiasts every day. People from all over the world are getting involved in adventure activities including climbing, jumping, swimming, walking, scrambling, and more. If you are one of those people who fancy the idea of adventure sports, then adventures like canyoning in the UK are literally created for you. With the help of canyoning, people gain confidence, achieve physical fitness and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Although activities like canyoning are risky but in the presence of an experienced guide, things become quite interesting. There are well-qualified canyoning guides who can help you learn some excellent skills that are needed in climbing, abseiling, and orienteering. For many people, the prime purpose of volunteering for canyoning in the UK is to escape their daily hectic lifestyle. And because we know how badly you are wishing for a fun break. Here are a few tips that will help you have maximum fun and a majestic canyoning experience in the UK.

Canyoning Scotland

1.Have all the gears in your possession before leaving for your canyoning adventure in the UK.

2.Grab all the information you can get about the different activities involved in the extreme sport of canyoning.

3.Don’t forget to get a headlamp as you will be going inside dark places with no visibility.

4.Avoid dehydration and pack all light diet essentials as guided by your canyoning expert.

5.Be attentive when your guide is explaining important things and have a lot of fun

Now when you are going for canyoning in the UK, take a look back and make sure that you consider all the above tips for safe and satisfactory adventure. Take a mental picture of all the above-mentioned tips so that you don’t skip anything.

If you have any questions regarding canyoning in the UK or looking for someone who can help you plan a perfect adventure, contact firms like The Canyoning Company. Visit their website at for the most authentic, memorable and unique canyoning adventure in the UK.
Start your adventure today!